Meditate Your Worries Away with Candlelight Delight

Now and then, we all need a break from life. Unfortunately, a vacation every week isn’t exactly…realistic. That’s why I was excited to take Candlelight Delight. This class gives you a chance to unwind, reset, and refresh!

Candlelight Delight is composed of stretching, mudras, and meditation. Definitely not an intense workout class, but rather more of an opportunity to relax. The room is dimly lit with twinkle lights and mellow music. Like many of the Express MiE classes, we started with mudras and heart circles, then slowly worked our way into stretching. This class is open to the general public, so current student or not, bring a friend! There is even some partner stretching you can do together.

Once our bodies were warmed up and relaxed, we move into deep meditation. I learned there is no right or wrong way to meditate! Everyone finds a position most comfortable to them (whether that be sitting or laying down) then a soothing voice guides us through a wonderful thought process encouraging the group to let their stresses go and float to a happy place. Meditating takes a relaxed focus and is a definite way to slow down and enjoy time to oneself.

This class is reviving to the mind, body, and soul! It is a great chance to refocus and release any of your week’s worries. The beautiful thing is, Candlelight Delight is open to everyone from newbies to long time friends. This drop-in class is just 1 credit or $10. Treat yourself ladies! You will thank me later. ;)