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Club MiE Girl

Zumba was just the beginning…

Come and see just how much fun dance fitness can be! With workout classes ranging from Yoga Booty Ballet to Bollywood, Flirty Girl’s Booty Beat to Country Line Dance, GI Jane Boot Camp to Adult Ballet; there’s something for everyone at Express MiE. **No dance experience is required** Each of our 45m classes are geared for dance beginners and comfortable for all adult ages, shapes and sizes.
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  • $15/class
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  • Petite
  • $30/mo
  • Save 50% off your weekly workout and enjoy all the perks
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  • ($7.50/class)
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If you have never tried a dance fitness class at Express MiE you are eligible for our New Girl Treat: one full week of unlimited dance fitness classes for just $21.  That’s way less than the cost of just 2 regular classes!  So, what have you got to lose?  Come see why ladies everywhere are signing up for, and loving, Fabulous Feminine Fitness at Express MiE.
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6-Pack of Club MiE Girl Classes: $47- (save nearly 50%!)

~ Use instead of or in addition to a membership ~
6 week expiration. No refunds or date adjustments.
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Fine print details are pretty simple… never any sign-up or enrollment fees, always on auto-bill with a 30 day deactivation in writing required. Final month is pro-rated for Toujour memberships but not for Beaucoup, Moyenne & Petite Memberships. “Perk” discounts apply to boutique items (in-stock only) + workshops & events (some special third-party events are excluded, ie: boudoir photography, etc). Beaucoup, Moyenne & Petite ladies, your classes are use’em or lose’em – no roll over (or sharing) of unused classes each month. All 6 week courses (incl pole classes) are always excluded from dance fitness memberships/perks, except that the perk discounts do apply on sexy/pole workshops.
Auto-bills do have a bad rap out there… but they also make our business super efficient so we can pass the savings on to you! The thing people usually fear is that stopping them will be complicated or uncomfortable. But, at Express MiE it is always as easy as a quick e-mail.
Simply let us know in advance if it looks like you’ll need to take a break. And, there will never be reactivation fees, enrollment fees, cancellation fees, walk through the hallway fees or any other random fees. Rest easy! We are on your side. Auto-bills simply save us time, which saves us money, which makes our prices better for you.
Because we limit our class sizes for your comfort, advance registration online is the only way to guarantee you a spot in each class. Each person may reserve up to 6 Club MiE Girl dance fitness classes in advance per week. However, if you are making your reservation less than 24 hours before the class and there is a spot open it does not count toward your reservation weekly limit. Toujour members may attend as many classes as they wish, but must still observe the advance reservation policy. Drop-ins are always welcome but not guaranteed a spot. 5 minutes before the class starts reservations will be released for anyone not yet signed in and offered to drop-ins… so make sure to be on time. ;>
You have full control over your schedule online in your account and we ask that you update your schedule if it changes so we can give the spot to someone else. If you cancel with less than 3 hrs notice or if you no-show you will be charged a “late-cancel” fee of $5 and lose the assigned class. You can easily sign out of classes via your online account or you may e-mail your cancellation to us at: Cancellations are not accepted via phone.
Going out of town a bunch one month? Have some time off you want to spend getting your dance on? Good News. :> You can switch your membership type on your anniversary date ~ any (and every!) month you need to. Just give us direction in writing ( at least 5 days before your anniversary date and we’ll switch it up for you so your next month’s charges will reflect your new plan.

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Dance Fitness Class List

We change up our schedule every 6 weeks to keep things fresh and interesting.  Each session we have a handful of classes, see below for our full selection that rotates through.


Work your abs and relax your mind… all by candlelight. In addition to an intentionally slow and deliberate abs routine you will stretch and tone your entire body, finishing with an oh-so-relaxing guided meditation.


Yoga Ballet Cardio is a dynamic fusion of yoga, booty sculpting cardio, and dance toning that will make you feel strong, confident, and beautiful. The workouts, inspired by the Hollywood craze over Yoga Booty Ballet, are so fun you won’t believe you are losing weight and sculpting long, lean muscles.  Come join the party!


New to dance? This class is for you! We make it easy… using a series of simple moves and exercises we will train your body to grow accustomed to moving and make sure you have fun in the process. This is the perfect primer for those intimidated with regular dance classes but interested in fitness through dance. We’ve never met someone we couldn’t teach to dance… and we are up for any challenges! Minimal workout, more focus on instruction in this class.


Try the fitness craze that has swept the nation… this intense class will move you through several sexy Latin body rhythms as you melt away the pounds. Aerobics has NEVER been so much fun! And, exclusively at MiE, we make sure you learn the moves well enough to dance them in real life… not just at the gym.

GLEE with MiE™

Ever wanted to sing and dance like the characters on Glee? Here’s your chance! Sweat it off as you use music and dance moves from the hit TV show, incorporate floor combinations and center exercises, and learn choreographed numbers! MiE Girls are even encouraged to sing along. Hello musical theater! Part show choir + part dance = a fabulously fun time.


You’ve seen it on TV… now you can attend a LIVE Flirty Girl™ class! Learn to be a sexy dancer while getting in fabulous shape. This workout takes classic sexy moves from your favorite music videos and incorporates them into a fat burning aerobic class that will get your heart pumping and your hips gyrating. At the end, we’ll link all the moves together into a sexy routine that looks more like a music video than a workout. Our sexy striptease moves take plain old aerobics to a whole new level… all exercise should be this fun! Come on in and shake that booty with MiE!


Plan on an intensely beautiful workout! This is 45 min of deep strength training with a blissful warm-up followed by all the exercises you need to shape your curves and train your body in the art of sensual dance. No pole or dance training – this is simply the workout. And, although Pole~ah~Tease classes are usually excluded from the Club MiE Girl membership & also a higher rate for drop-ins… we let you have this one just like it’s a regular fitness class! Enjoy getting your sexy work-out on.


Sultryoga is our exclusive fun and feminine style of yoga. It is completely mat-based and full of luscious, pretty moves that will clear your mind, tone and lengthen your muscles, increase your flexibility and have even been known to enhance your magical Goddess powers (whatever they might be). These gorgeously relaxing moves fit perfectly into your sensual dance practice (very handy for pole students) and even include a short savasana (fancy word for a lovely little rest) at the end of class so you will leave class smiling and serene. You are gonna want to Nama-stay in this class forever!


You don’t need a partner to learn these sexy and vivacious ballroom dances. Each week you’ll explore new dances from the varied world of ballroom, such as the cha cha, samba, jive and many more! You’ll be having so much fun, you won’t even notice what an awesome workout you’re getting! On top of it all- when you DO go out dancing, you’ll be able to dazzle your partners with your snazzy new moves!


This beautiful form of dance combines the grace of ballet with the fluidity of jazz and modern dance. Let your body tone and strengthen as you learn exquisitely graceful technique and combinations. Relax, smile, and prepare to be pretty!


There is a reason that ballerinas are so toned… try this ballet work-out class designed especially for adults and watch the changes appear in your body! Working out has never been so peaceful and so elegant.


It’s no secret around here… SYTYCD is our favorite TV show! Don’t you just sit in awe at the beauty of the dances they do? Well, in this class you get to be just as fabulous – without any chance of being sent home! In this class we teach traditional dance technique and routines that are blends of modern/contemporary jazz and hip-hop. Come and see what it’s like to be America’s Favorite Dancer… or, in this case, America’s Happiest Dancer!


Dance Sculpt is a wonderful workout for dancers… and those who want to look like a dancer. ;> Designed to give you beautiful lean and strong muscles, it combines pilates, cardio barre and ballet. Smaller muscles are worked in combinations to exhaust them, yet keep them from getting bulky. Be prepared to work your arms, abs, and lower body as we get you ready for the dance floor! *Be sure to wear tennis shoes to this class*


Come explore this earthy, rhythmic form of dance and enjoy being whisked away to another world… a fabulous world full of kukus, wakas and all kinds of other movement that will have you shaking body parts you didn’t even know you could shake. Let the rhythm of the beats guide you through a fun dance workout that is perfect for all ages – consider it your ‘lil secret to eternal youth.


What is the best way to get strength of Pilates, the flexibility of yoga, the muscle tone of strength training, and top-notch aerobic fitness? By practicing Nia with MiE~a, of course! Nia—which stands for Neuromuscular Integrative Action—is the most advanced form of fusion fitness – blending martial arts, healing arts, dance, and spiritual self-healing to create a high-powered, synergistic workout that no isolated exercise technique can match. Come enjoy the revolutionary workout that gets you in shape from the inside out! Each class integrates three different intensity levels, so no matter what shape you are in, there is a place for you. Nia is truly for everyBODY.


My, my, MY fair lady!!! Where else can you learn the fine art of feminine club dancing? Come wallflowers, come those who insist the bar will fall over if they are not holding it up… we can help! This class focuses more on dance instruction than a workout. You will leave each week feeling a little more confident in your free-style dance abilities… until one day… shaZAM… your friends won’t be able to peel you off that dance floor.


Move over MTV and VH1, our very own MiE Girls are taking the stage! Come shake it as you learn dances from popular music videos…so you, too, can have Beyoncé’s booty, Shakira’s hips, and Madonna’s abs.


Inspired by the Indian film tradition of infectiously expressive music comes a flirty & saucy full-body workout. The moves are simple but the results are big! Join us as we boogie to the bhangra beat.


Fitness through hula-hooping is soooo much fun! In this class you will tone your body, define your waistline and burn fat… while smiling through a workout that will amaze you.


Calling all y’alls to a lively, rowdy class full of bumpkins and bumpkin wanna-be’s. Tone your entire body and rile up your heart in this boot scootin’ class. Yee-haw!


The benefits of stretching are numerous, yet who takes the time to really slow down and stretch in this fast-paced world? You know how good it feels once your muscles give in and relax… let MiE make it easy for you to keep those muscles long, lean and limber. We will stretch it…. stretch it REAL good.


Come ready for a journey through the land of salsa… sampling traditional salsa as well as several ethnic variations. We’ll get those hips-a-moving and make sure you leave with some moves you can show off later!


Weight lifting has never looked so good! Build some beautiful buns in this interval training class that mixes light weight training with some super-saucy ultra-sexy dance moves! This is one spicy workout you will LOVE to do!


Pilat-MiEz… otherwise known as Pilates… is a must-have for your workout schedule. Known for its ability to create long lean muscles and beautifully defined strength, this class will support your ability to improve your all your dance moves while also uncovering your fabulous feminine physique. Count MiE in!


Down on the ground! 10 Push-ups… OK now we’ll throw in a few steamy dance moves… come try the sexiest boot camp in town! Join us for an intense workout that will burn mega-calories and pump up your inner vixen. This class is for those that LOVE an hardcore workout – we’ll help you sculpt your curves in no time! Please wear tennis shoes and bring a towel… you are gonna need it.


Whether you were a cheerleader once or just wanted to be one… this class will keep your heart pumping while you bounce through one of the most entertaining workouts you can find. Pom-poms provided!


Not only will this softly sultry class strengthen your abs but it will also get your heart pumping & tone your entire body. Away to the islands we go…


Remember the good old days of short men with curly hair, leotards, legwarmers and hot pink steps? Well, we are bringing those moves back for you. This conditioning workout is a rad opportunity for you to create your very own buns of steel!


Bring your tough-chick attitude as you punch, kick and bounce your way to a leaner and stronger you. Get ready to melt away pounds to music you will love to sing along to. Hi-ya!


Are you ready to move?!? In this high-energy class you will learn technique and routines to spice up your dance abilities… and burn lots of calories while doing so!