Got a certificate for a Daily Deal (Groupon, etc)?

Congrats! You just scored on what you will soon find to be the most fun you can have working out… dance fitness at Express MiE!


In order to activate your Groupon/Daily Deal Certificate we need you to e-mail us (at ~ don’t forget the little “i” in MiE or we won’t get it!) with 3 things:

pole dancing classes in Tempe1. Your first & last name

2. Your e-mail address

3. Your Deal ID#

If it is for a Pole~ah~Tease Party, also include

1. Your phone number

2. Which type of party you’d prefer (see descriptions)

3. How many people you plan to have (estimate is fine)

4. Your preferred date

5. Your preferred time (5:30, 7 or 8:30 pm if a Friday or Saturday evening request)

Once we get that information from you we will create an account for you in our online scheduler and load up the applicable pre-paid item(s).
If you bought a Teaser class, you’ll get an auto-response with instructions on how to reserve your spot.  Then, when you go to sign up our system will recognize you (by your name & e-mail provided) and use your Daily Deal as payment for your classes.  If you purchased a party, we’ll e-mail you back to let you know you are good to go. It’s pretty easy!

Pole~ah~Tease Teaser/Intro Class FAQ

Your Deal applies to our 90 minute “Pole~ah~Tease Teaser Class.” In order to view the schedule of upcoming classes simply go to the Pole~ah~Tease tab in our scheduling system and either scroll down or use the sort on the top right to see only the Teaser classes.

All kinds of fabulous, sexy fun, that’s what! To read all about the pole teaser class visit our Pole~ah~Tease page.

Nope! Anyone and everyone (OK, all females anyhow) can enjoy this super fabulous special. Enjoy!

Yes! We can fit a max of 9 people in each Teaser class. But, keep in mind these classes do book up quickly so if you want to come as a group you will need to plan well ahead.

When you e-mail in your Deal ID# please send everyone’s info in one e-mail and ask which dates we have enough room for you all to come. Then, get ready to have a fabulous girls night together!

*Groups could alternately consider purchasing a pole or lap dance party which will be booked according to your schedule and makes it easier for you to chat and make it a night out.

Your class expires 4-6 months from the date of purchase (see date on your certificate). You can activate your class any time between now and then (tho we don’t recommend waiting until the last minute!) and your class credit will stay in the Express MiE scheduling system until you use it, or until that date arrives.

As with all our Teaser classes, no refunds/transfers for missed classes or for cancellations with less than 48hrs notice.

Pole~ah~Tease Party FAQ

Your Deal gets you a 60min party for up to 12 people!  You are welcome to bring more people (up to party max – see party types below) – each additional person will simply pay a $25 fee at the door.

All parties are booked by appointment – see e-mail instructions for booking above.

You can choose between our pole dance party (max 12ppl), one of our lap dance parties (no pole – lap dance only, max 12-25 ppl, depending on type), our combo pole + lap dance party (super popular, max 12 people) or our burlesque chair dance party (no pole, max 25ppl).  See our party page for full details on each one.

We are pretty flexible!  If you want to party with your besties on a Wednesday afternoon, we are here for you.

Most people do hope for Friday and Saturday nights and we do make those prime spots available for you. :) We book our evening parties at 5:30, 7 or 8:30pm.  Morning and afternoon parties are available.

Tell them to be ready to have a ton of fun!  ;> Also, to make sure to plan extra time to find us since our location is tricky and if you are late you cut into your party time (we always finish on time).

Attire info varies by party type – see party page for details.

Not so much.  Our standard policy is that your party reservation fee is nonrefundable and nontransferrable.  We juggle thousands of women every year in our studio – once you set a time we save it for you and won’t let anyone else have it.  So, book your party on a day that works and make sure you get it going on!  You’ll be glad you did – they are SO much fun.

More questions?  E-mail us: