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The easiest way to get a sense of what we are all about is to book a tour – we’ll even give you a free class if you do! Make sure to sign up for our newsletter so you are always informed of current promotions and join us over on Facebook for even more fun!

Foundationally, Express MiE is a dance fitness center dedicated to helping women build confidence.  We do that by offering a ton of fun pole dance classes that are designed for the every day women.  By that, we mean you do not have to be in terrific shape, you do not have to have coordination and strength already developed, and you do not have to think you can dance.  We teach you!  And, we are darn good at it ~ feel free to challenge us.  ;>

Our Pole~ah~Tease sensual pole dance classes are run as 6 week courses where you purchase your course and then show up once a week for your 90 minute class.  That is our main program. But, we have some drop-in group fitness/dance classes too. The “training” classes working on strength, coordination and flexibility and are open to everyone.  And, the “practice” classes are for current and past students of our Pole~ah~Tease program who want to enhance their skills and have some extra fun.

We do also offer super fun Bachelorette parties (our niche lies in the fact that we approach pole so super classy-yet-sexy that a wide range of women will have fun and feel comfortable), ‘Sassy MiE Soiree’ girls night out parties where our students can perform for their friends, as well as lots of fun pole dance, lap dance and striptease workshops and Happy Dance private workshops where you can learn sexy routines for special occasions.

All of our scheduling is done through an online system, so you have complete control of your schedule and account at all times.  There are links and buttons all over our site to get you to that system, bit if you ever have trouble (or just want to save a direct link to your browser) the actual address for that system is: https://clients.mindbodyonline.com/ASP/adm/home.asp?studioid=5003.  There you will see the same groupings of classes you see on our site, nicely arranged by tab.  If you ever get confused or have troubles the best way to reach us is always via e-mail at: contactmie@expressmie.com since our daily business hours are limited.

Ahhhhh Pole~ah~Tease.  If we could get every woman into a Pole~ah~Tease pole dance class the world would be a better place.  It is through these classes that we deliver our favorite gift ~ we teach women how to find their sexy side.  Being every day women ourselves, we understand that most women just want to feel like they know how to move the feminine body they have been given in ways that express their gorgeous, inherent sensuality.  But, if you are like us, you start out with no freaking idea how to do that.

In these courses we blended in the feminine and sexy parts of many styles of dance, and then layered out what we teach into a full curriculum that ensures you will have the time to build all the strength  and coordination you need, before you need it.  You can have no experience of any sort and in a short time be moving in super sexy ways – and believe you me, it is a powerful boost of confidence when you realize that you had such beauty within you the whole time ~ you just needed some tools to pull it out.

These courses run in 6 week sessions and are priced better than most pole courses around the US.  Our goal is simply to make them accessible since we are so passionate about giving women this experience.  By the way, we do incorporate over 125 fun spins, tricks and moves on the pole into our curriculum, so although our #1 priority is confidence we do teach you to rock the pole!  FYI, we have 200lb women of all ages who can climb to the ceiling, flip upside down and dance in mesmerizing ways.  You can see, firsthand, what our style of dance is like at a Soiree.  We don’t dance like strippers – we dance like real women who are fricking sexy.  ;>  We promise you’ll have fun and feel good ~ try our Teaser class to see what we mean!

Note that you can (and should!) save up to 50% off our Pole~ah~Tease courses by becoming a member.  Book a Tour if you want us to explain it all in deal and help you map our your fun.

Our drop-in group fitness/dance classes are 45 minute classes. Some of them are available to anyone – essentially those which help build the strength, flexibility and coordination needed to enjoy our pole classes. They cost $10-$20 to drop in to or can be paid for using our membership credits. Membership credits can be accessed at as low as $1 each and these classes run 1-3 credits. That’s a super deal!

Each of our classes are designed for adult women without much experience.  So, if you are new to dance then you will be challenged but also feel comfortable and welcome.  It generally takes an adult about 6 months to build body coordination so just have fun being silly and you’ll enjoy the progress as time goes by. If you are nervous to try a pole class (or physically limited in some way) make sure to try our Luscious: Basics class.  There you get to learn all our sexy dance moves and routines but only use the pole as a prop and partner – never taking your feet off the ground.

For our currently enrolled Pole~ah~Tease students and past graduates we also offer lots of fun drop-in classes that enhance their pole journey.  Everything from open practice time to semi-private lessons to creative jams sessions, we provide endless ways to have fun staying active… with a pole in hand. ;)

We just never get tired of creating ways for you to increase your sexy confidence… and burn some calories in the process!  We offer all kinds of sexy workshops throughout the year.  Every few months you’ll find a striptease or lap dance workshop.  If you want to check out our style of sexiness and aren’t ready to jump into a pole course just yet, try a workshop!  And, if you just can’t wait we’ll even book you a private lesson so you can learn one of our sexy routines on your schedule.

Some of our pole dance workshops are only for our current and returning students since they are all built to compliment our Pole~ah~Tease sensual pole dance classes. But, some are open to all. We love spreading the happy sexy fun!

Oh yes we did!  For those extra special occasions when you really want to dazzle your lover we have just the ticket.  Through our Happy Dance: sexy private workshops we teach you routines that are built to be done right there on your bed (Happy Wedding Night ~ Ooh-la-la!) or on the kitchen table (Happy Birthday to You!).  You can also learn one of our classic striptease or lap dance routines on your own schedule which is a great option if our regularly schedule workshop date didn’t work for you or if you are just a bit shy or want individual attention.

We always make sure you are comfortable and confident with your routine and even provide handouts and music suggestions so you are all set for your special occasion.  We’ve gotcha covered, sista.  :)

In addition to our classes we offer Parties, our Sassy MiE Soiree open house party and other occasional sales and events.

Our parties are the PERFECT girls night out solution, everything about our environment and style is classy yet sexy, so even your most nervous friends will have fun and feel comfortable.  We’ll help you celebrate your bride-to-be, birthdays, babies, weddings, divorces ~ whatever.  And, we’ll make sure you get some great pictures to remember it all.

Our Sassy MiE Soiree is also a perfect girls night out ~ we even give away hundreds of dollars in prizes!  These events are a blast.  Not only do you get to see all the fun performances but you also get to meet bunches of other cool women who go to Express MiE.  We have a community of amazing women, so we love this chance for you to get to know each other more!

Throughout the year we offer various specials and events, the best ways to stay up on all that is to make sure you are getting our newsletter each week (sign up below) and to stay connected to MiE on Facebook.  We LOVE Facebook – make sure you connect to us there because when we have something cool and new that is always the first place we tell.

It’s no secret that we are a secret.  ;>  Our Chandler location is hard to find!  Your GPS will get you confused, and we have no opportunity for street signage.  So!  You simply need to make sure you get yourself to the SE corner of Chandler & Pennington in Chandler and then drive around behind the shopping center.  If you see Discount Tire you are in the right place. We directly East and our entrance is back behind the center.

If you would like to see a virtual tour of our studio, jump on over to the Express MiE place page on Google ~ they came and filmed everything such that you can virtually walk through most of the studio!  And, to get an even better sense of what’s up around Express MiE check out the Express MiE You Tube page as well as our Facebook fun (you can “Like” Express MiE on Facebook  and also friend Laura, the owner).

For a visual map visit our contact page.  And, if all else fails and you get lost, call us at (480) 626-5973 and we’ll guide you in!

We think our classes are the bomb-diggity… but you don’t have to take our word for it!  We had some volunteers who were happy to tell you a bit about their journey ~ you can see those over on our press page.  But, if you want even more Express MiE reviews feel free to check out Express MiE on Yelp.  We have some raving fans over there.  They give you honest feedback about what to expect.  The only complaint we ever seem to get is that women who are used to hard-core workouts (like bootcamp style) tend to think we go too easy on them. And, we admit, we do like to spend a bit too much fun having fun for most of our classes to be considered super intense.  But, for the right people, that con is actually a pro. Amiright? ;)

Whenever we have done surveys to ask out clients what they love and want, resounding answer that we get is that what people love most is the experience and atmosphere of Express MiE.  We don’t care if you are wearing make-up or having a bad hair day – we may be, too!  We are just a bunch of happy women who are here to motivate, encourage and inspire you to have fun staying active and rediscovering your femininity.  So, come and check us out to see if we are the place for you!  Book a tour and get a free class.  We can’t wait to meet you!

Want to learn more about us?  Come by for a tour!

We’ll explain all about how things work, show you our beautiful space and answer all your questions. We’ll even give you a free class just for doing so – no strings attached!  We can’t wait to meet you :)

Want to try out our Pole~ah~Tease sensual pole dancing classes before you commit to a full session? No problem!

Our Teaser class is just like a regular beginner class: guided meditation + deep stretch, workout, pole tricks and then a super sexy dance routine. Watch our newsletter or your favorite daily deal site for a special, or just jump in now – it’s only $30!

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