Get some MiE Time with Open Pole!

Open Pole TimeLil Pole-ah-Tease Poster (1)

Looking for more time on the pole!? Check out any of our Open Pole classes! If you don’t have your own pole at home, you might find it difficult to get in any extra practice time. Express MiE not only instructs you on how to pole dance, but then offers extra time slots for you to practice on your own at the studio. There are three options for your open pole practice time!

The first option, My Pole, gives you the chance to reserve one pole for your use only in a free range studio room. That means there won’t be an instructor. Just 45-minutes of MiE time to free dance and spin! There is a maximum of only four ladies to this drop-in class, so everyone has their own pole. You can meet new friends OR bring a friend enrolled in pole class to practice with you! The cost of My Pole is just $20 or 5 credits; well worth practice making perfect;)

Next, My Room, gives you the opportunity to rent out a WHOLE room to yourself. That’s right- Just you alone and four poles to play with. This personal pole time is perfect if you want to dance to your own music, practice a routine…or maybe you just need to shake off some stress! Express MiE offers a 45-minute session without an instructor, or anyone else, so you can let the day go and dance it away. My room is just $30 or 10 credits. Take some time to yourself ladies, don’t be shy!

Lastly, Our Room, gives you a full room to yourself AND a girl friend. If they’re a current pole student, they can play too! If they are not, she can tag along to take pictures, film, or even provide a little encouragement. Whether you want to show off a little, or just want the time to practice with a friend with the lights and music your way, Our Room is just what you need. ~Please remember, Our Room is still girls only.~ Sign up for Our Room for only $40 or 15 credits. This time is also instructor free, like all open pole time, so don’t get too crazy trying things you have not been taught yet…

So ladies, what are you waiting for? Isn’t about time for some MiE time?!

Dance Chickie,


*Enrollment Note: For all Open Pole options, you must be a currently enrolled student or Level 7+ grad to sign up.*