Pole Dancing Classes in Phoenix, AZ

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sensual pole dancing classes in phoenix, az

Pole~ah~Tease is our signature series of sensual pole dancing classes in Phoenix.

The angle we like to take with sensual pole dancing classes is that it’s a way for women to get in touch with their feminine side that is naturally curvy and sexy, flirty and fun, sensitive and saucy – gaining more appreciation for their body and more confidence in themselves as a woman.

Isn’t it time for you to feel more awesome?

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Best-of-Phoenix Pole Dancing ClassesWhat if we told you there is a fun way to develop your confidence, nurture your soul & bring out your saucy side… all while getting in shape?

There is.

It’s pole dancing classes! (who knew?)

Want to try out our Pole~ah~Tease sensual pole dancing classes in Phoenix before you commit to a full session? No problem! Our ‘Teaser’ pole dancing classes are just like a regular beginner class: guided meditation + deep stretch, workout, pole tricks and then a super sexy dance routine. Come in workout attire ~ comfy pants + tank or t-shirt. We’ll be barefoot (heels come later!) and please don’t use lotions or oils the day of class so you don’t slip & slide off the pole.

$30, 90min class

Space is limited – and you must pre-register online! **If you have a pre-paid pole dancing class coupon you would like to redeem (Groupon, etc) simply e-mail us at contactmie@expressmie.com with your name, e-mail, phone#, Certificate ID # and preferred class date/time and we’ll get you ready to go** No refunds/transfers for missed classes or for cancellations with less than 48hrs notice.

Learn the art of sensual pole dancing in this progressive series of pole dancing classes leveled 1-9. Each pole dancing class begins with an inspiring Kundalini Yoga warm-up followed by a simple workout that trains all the right body parts needed to be successful in the course. In every level you will build and improve your sensual dance skills on the pole, floor, chair, wall and also learn to bring out your Inner Goddess full of sultry, sassy tease.

$175 for 6 week session ($195 without early bird special)

$75 non-refundable, non-transferrable deposit required to hold your spot in class, balance due & will be processed day of 1st scheduled class. 1.5 hrs per class, 1 class per week, 6 week session. Make-up classes available as space permits & only during current session

Our pole dancing classes are divided into 7 basic levels and 2 master levels, each level is 6 weeks long. Additionally, there are multiple versions of our 7th level so L7 graduates have the option to continue their weekly fun… and at a highly discounted rate. During those 7 levels you learn many gorgeous styles of dance and learn over 100 moves on the pole! We offer beginner acrobatic courses in our Master Levels: 8 & 9. We also offer our weekly “Playground” pole dancing class series for upper level students (level 3+ grads) that can be taken after, in addition to or instead of our upper level courses. Our Tricks Tips classes are review classes for current students.

Our pole dancing classes run in 6 week sessions, enrollment opens ~5 weeks prior to the start of each session. Early bird pricing is available until 10 days before the new session of pole dancing classes starts. Classes fill up quickly, so get your spot asap!

  • 1/12/14-2/22/14: FEMME Session (Early Bird Special ends midnight 1/1)
  • 2/23/14-4/5/14: EMBRACE Session (Early Bird Special ends midnight 2/12)
  • 4/6/14-5/17/14: ABUNDANCE Session (Early Bird Special ends midnight 3/26)
  • 5/18/14-6/28/14: SMILE Session (Early Bird Special ends midnight 5/7)
  • 6/29/14-7/5/14 (1 week Summer Camp session): PLAY Session (Early Bird Special ends midnight 6/18)
  • 7/6/14-8/16/14: DELIGHT Session (Early Bird Special ends midnight 6/18)
  • 8/17/14-9/27/14: SIMPLE Session (Early Bird Special ends midnight 8/6)
  • 9/28/14-11/8/14: BEAUTY Session (Early Bird Special ends midnight 9/17)
  • 11/9/14-1/10/15 (closed the weeks of Thanksgiving, Christmas & New Year): CELEBRATE Session (Early Bird Special ends midnight 10/29)
  • 12/28/14-1/3/15 (1 week Winter Camp session): TREAT Session (Early Bird Special ends midnight 12/18)

Do you need a little extra help with your pole spins? Or, do you have a special occasion coming up that you want a beautiful lap dance for? Let our amazing teachers help you bring out your saucy side with our private Pole~ah~Tease pole dancing lessons.

  • $50, 30 min
  • $225 for 5 lessons prepaid (save 10%!)
  • $400 for 10 lessons prepaid (save 20%)

To book a pole dancing lesson simply e-mail us at contactmie@expressmie.com with your request and we’ll get you all set up. Also available, 30 min Duet pole dancing lesson for $75 or 45 min Trio pole dancing lesson for $125. Check out our Happy Dance special occasion lessons, too. No pole is involved in those lessons but they are {ultra} sexy!

Refund/Reschedule Policy: Cancel/Reschedule >14 days before appt = Full refund, 3-13 days before appt = 50% refund, <48hrs = no refund or reschedule. Max 1 reschedule.

Our take on pole dancing classes is that they are a great way for women to get in touch with their feminine side & learn to feel confident no matter their size, body type or age. Our goal is to help YOU gain confidence through our amazing {super sexy and fun} pole dancing classes.

Come see why we were voted Best of Phoenix for our pole dancing classes and more!

Pole Dancing Classes: Information & FAQ

Welcome to our community of amazing women! You’ll be hard pressed to find something that will change your life more deliciously than the adventure you are about to embark on. Before we get started… here are a few things you need to know about our pole dancing classes.

CLASS ATTIRE: Comfy is the rule in our pole dancing classes: yoga pants or shorts, tank tops or t-shirts ~ just wear whatever you like to work out in. Eventually you will need to bring heels to dance in, knee pads if you’d like, and specific items for learning your sexy “peels,” but we’ll give you the scoop on all that as you need to know.

JEWELRY: Although we love feminine adornments in general… don’t bring or wear any jewelry to your pole dancing classes! Especially no rings, bracelets, watches or necklaces. Earrings are OK if they are super small.

DAY OF CLASS: Don’t eat just before your pole dancing classes, but DO make sure to have some good protein and complex carbs the day of! Also, **DON’T use any oils or lotions the day of your pole dancing classes** as this will mess up your pole grip. Safety is a top priority in all our pole dancing classes!

DON’T FORGET: This is an opportunity to have so much fun working out you won’t even notice it’s exercise. And, as a bonus, you’ll find it incredibly therapeutic and relaxing ~ nurturing yourself physically, mentally and spiritually. Make the time for yourself – you deserve it!

In our pole dancing classes we combine the essence of pole dancing, pilates, exotic/belly dancing, ballet, lyrical, tango, kundalini yoga & more. At Express MiE we are less concerned about doing crazy-incredible pole tricks and more focused on helping women realize their own crazy-incredible beauty.

Come join the fun – try Pole~ah~Tease pole dancing classes in Phoenix!

No, there is never any nudity in our pole dancing classes. The weeks that we focus on teaching you “what to wear and how to take it off” we will give you tips on how to layer (wear non-sheer bra/panties or tank tops/shorts under the items we’ll remove) so you are always comfortable.

Actually, no. Our Pole~ah~Tease pole dancing classes are designed to teach you the art of sensual dance… along with pole tricks and spins. So, you will learn to use your curves to dance in a way that is extremely sexy, feminine and mesmerizing. But, it is not “performance” based (beyond your someone special). It is for the every-day woman who wants to feel and look exquisitely sexy.

Absolutely! We have some pretty incredible teachers that can teach even the most uncoordinated out there to transform into their sexy selves. You simply have to grant yourself patience as you learn this new art, and you’ll be a dancing queen in no time. Our pole dancing classes are perfect for beginners and trained dancers alike.

Our current pole dancing classes students range from ages 16 – 66. The moves in both the dance and workout are built in such a way that you can modify them to your current comfort and fitness level, yet will also challenge you to build more strength and improve your fitness and dance abilities at any age. It’s never too early, or too late, to build confidence in yourself as a fabulous, sensual woman. And, Pole~ah~Tease pole dancing classes are the perfect way to do so.

To put it simply, YES. Most women are! It’s a very vulnerable thing to want to improve your confidence and sexiness – and there is still enough of a stereotype on the subject that pole dancing classes sometimes feel taboo. Well, at Express MiE you can put all your fears to rest. We have a beautiful environment and fun, friendly teachers that are simply here to help you become the best YOU there is. Our pole dance classes are completely geared for the every-day woman.

We want you to honor your body, so if you have any medical challenges you must get your doctors approval before taking a class. If you end up with a medical issue after you have paid for a class we can grant a transfer of the deposit you paid for your pole dancing classes for a max of two sessions, with a doctors note. Additionally, all class credits granted, medical or otherwise, expire 6 months from date granted.

Come try our ‘Best of Phoenix’ Pole Dancing Classes in Phoenix

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