Give your honey the gift of YOU!

Time and time again we get the question… “If I don’t have a pole at home how can I show my honey all my new moves?”

To be a little more specific… we are talking about 1 guy and 1 doll and 1 of our gorgeous pole dance studios… together for 15 min of fabulous dance fun. All the same rules apply as in pole class ~ no nudity (plus in this case an special “no hanky panky” rule applies!) and no sheer final layers (in case you are peeling something). Just to keep everyone on the straight and narrow, the door to the studio will not be fully closed. But, don’t worry, you will have the whole room (lap dance chairs, poles, mat and music) all to yourself. One other requirement ~ no photography or video allowed. If you are interested in using our studio to film a pole dance routine you can do so by booking a private lesson and the instructor will help you; and if you want boudoir pole pics check out our partner offers.

$25, 15 min studio rental ~ only available for Pole~ah~Tease students
2018 Dates: Friday night ~ 7:00-9:00pm: Nov 9th *Next available dates will fall around Valentine’s 2019.

Simply follow the link to book your spot. Note:You may have to adjust the date filter to include the event date if you are booking more than 30 days in advance. You **MUST** book your appointment in advance in order to reserve your spot. 48hr cancellation required or you will be charged in full for the appt.

In a typical 15 min session we recommend you come planning to dance one or maybe two songs. Typically, the first few minutes are used to get settled and get your music set up. The next 5 minutes are to show off a few of your favorite spins or tricks on the pole. Then, you will have time to dance 1 long or 2 short songs. It’s best if you come prepared with them in order on a playlist on a digital player. When you have about 1 minute left the instructor will open the door & let you know. If your song isn’t over yet simply finish your dance. We are pretty focused on keeping the schedule right for everyone – please help us out with that and scoot on out to the rest of your fun date night.

As much fun as it would be to do some fun costuming, we do have to ask that you keep that part light. There’s not time to change in and out of outfits while in the room, and we also don’t want anyone wandering the halls in anything too fun when we have boys around. Your best option is to wear some sort of stretchy top and bottom or a skirt or dress you can dance in and that will be easy to peel if you choose to incorporate a little bit of that.

If you are a Level 1-3 student you can simply focus on doing the routine we teach in class ~ remember you do have 3 lap dances to choose from by the end of Level 3… and those tend to be a favorite. ;> If you are an intermediate or advanced dancer you can enjoy an improv dance. As always, just be your beautiful self (don’t worry about performing!) and have fun with the element of tease.

Last but not least, we have a few instructions for the Boy… ;>

Please understand and respect that your fabulous lady is both excited to share with you and, likely, feeling a little nervous and vulnerable. Although even our beginner dancers look really quite amazing, dance is also a skill that takes time and practice to learn. At Express MiE we do NOT teach women to dance in a way similar to that you would see at a strip club, but rather to move in ways that are exquisitely sexy, yet playful and full of tease.

Every girl loves to feel desired, and the best thing you can do is offer your smiles, sincere compliments and appreciation to her – let her know you want her!  Gifts like those (and, of course, flowers, chocolates and the like!) will keep her happily dancing for you for a long time to come. Oh Lordy… no pun intended… AGAIN. ;>