Queen Creek Pole Dancing Studio

 design board for the expressmie queen creek pole dancing studio

design board for the expressmie queen creek pole dancing studio


Express MiE pole dance studio is excited to announce our new (additional) location in Queen Creek!  We’ve been rocking the Tempe area with our pole dancing classes for years now but decided to make the fun available to women in the San Tan Valley by adding a Queen Creek pole dancing studio.  It’s located next door to The Deli (on San Tan Blvd near Sossaman).  Classes are now forming, so get your spot (and one for each of your besties) early!


We have sample pole dancing classes (we call them “Teaser” classes – view full schedule here) in late December and early January, an open house (we call it a “Sassy MiE Soiree”) on Saturday night January 10th (sign up here!) and our full series of Pole~ah~Tease sensual pole dance classes start the week of January 12th (view schedule & sign up here).

PPole-Dance-Class-Scheduleole~ah~Tease Sensual Pole Dance Classes

Our pole dancing classes run in 6 week sessions; each session is one level.  You come the same time each week for 90 min/week (make-ups are available).  We are starting with only Level 1 classes in the January session, but we know we have many women in that area who have taken our classes before and are excited to jump back in as the higher levels become available.  We’ll likely add a Playground (multi-level) class in future sessions so intermediate and upper levels have a class to attend class while we wait for the studio to build up to the higher level classes.  Learn all about our Pole ~ah~Tease classes here.  They truly are designed for the every woman.  If you are nervous about trying one you are not alone, but you will not regret it when you do!


In addition to our Pole~ah~Tease pole dance classes we are bringing to Queen Creek some of our Club MiE Girl dance fitness classes.  We won’t have a dedicated space to offer classes like Zumba (tho we hear our neighbors, Dancin’ Feet Studio do already so you are good!) but we will offer the workout classes we’ve designed to compliment our pole program:

Zumba Tempe Dance Fitness ClassesPole~ah~Tease Sexy Core Workout

Plan on an intensely beautiful workout! This is 45 min of deep strength training with a blissful warm-up followed by all the exercises you need to shape your curves and train your body in the art of sensual dance. No pole or dance training – this is simply a (kick-bootie and awesome) workout.

Pole~ah~Tease Sensual Strength

Push Up, Pole Down and March Tuck your way to a body that easily does every pole trick you ask it to. This workshop is designed to help you build strength through exercises specifically designed to support your pole success. Get ready to make your pole tricks much, much easier.

Although we do use the pole for some workout moves, this is not a pole dance training class.  Students not enrolled in our pole program are also welcome – the workout is focused on arm and core strength; resulting in great abs and arms for all. :)

Pole~ah~Tease Feminine Flexibility

It’s no secret that improved flexibility can enhance sensual dance and it’s never too late to limber up. In this 45m class we will guide you through bunches of effective stretches in a relaxing environment so you can enjoy the process of becoming more bendy!

Pole~ah~Tease Pure Dance

45 min of pure bliss, is what this one is. Sometimes you just gotta dance. And dance… and dance… and dance some more.  This class is pure pole dance time and all current Pole~ah~Tease students (every level) are welcome to attend through whatever Club MiE Girl payment option they prefer.

You don’t have to be a pole student to take those classes, and they are paid for through our Club MiE Girl membership options or at our drop-in rate.


Bachelorette Party in PhoenixWe also offer (women only) pole & lap dance parties – they are perfect for a bachelorette party, birthday party or girls night out event.  We offer private lessons for our pole dance classes as well as private lessons called “Happy Dance” – sexy routines for special occasions.  To top it off, we have fun striptease and lap dance workshops throughout the year, or available through private lesson anytime.  Get the full scoop of what we do here.

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PS: I’m looking for a few good women from QC/San Tan to be my ambassadors of awesome, sharing the news with the community in exchange for extra bonus deals on classes.  Is that you? Email me: christie@expressmie.com.  Let’s team up to help women feel more awesome. :)