Sensual Strength: A Feminine Approach to Strength Training

Why strengthen?!

Sensual Strength is the perfect Drop In class at Express MiE to give yourself that extra “umph” on the pole. We’re not talking about arm curls and heavy weightlifting…but rather using your own body weight, arm strength and leg muscles to propel you up and around that pole. This class will give you one heck of a workout! Sensual Strength is awesome because it is tailored to the woman’s body and all those muscles we forget we even have. This is a great prep class if you are trying to awaken and strengthen your back, shoulder, fore and upper arm muscles.

Abs, Stretching and Pole Workouts… OH MY!

The class is a combination of floor work with abs, stretching, light lifting and pole workouts. Throughout the class, our instructor showcased various moves while isolating specific muscle groups. To help us all make it through some of the tougher exercises, she would ask a fun, personal question and have each of us around the room share our answer. By engaging our minds (while working our bodies) it made the class a lot more fun!

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NAIL That Pole Trick

More so, if you can’t seem to always get your feet off the floor, this class really helps you build strength to nail those fancy pole tricks. (The chair spin can be a lot harder than it looks!) If there is a trick or spin you have been trying to conquer, Sensual Strength is designed to help build those muscles so you can better accomplish your goals. Many of the girls in my class are currently enrolled in pole courses and found themselves doing moves that directly relate to tricks and spins throughout the levels. By breaking individual moves down, and really focusing on strength building, we noticed it made things a lot easier for our bodies to make things happen!

Sensual Strength is open to anyone and everyone, so no Pole or Dance experience required. This is simply a fab way to build your strength and engage those muscles. Click HERE to check out the schedule and sign up for the next Sensual Strength Drop In class for only 3 credits or $15!

See you there!

Dance Chickie,