Staff Spotlight on Chantel!

Chantel-150Chantel masquerades as a science girl by day but by evening she is a dancer extraordinaire.  Tho it is unconfirmed, we suspect there is a phone booth involved in that transformation.  And, we are still watching for a cape.  Her heart of gold, beautiful smile, and cheerful outlook make her a loving and encouraging Pole~ah~Tease teacher that every woman can feel comfortable around.  She is, truly, a Super Woman.  Let us know if you ever see the phone booth.

Question: What brought you to Express MiE/Pole Dancing?
Chantel: Hubby bought me a Groupon teaser class as a dare. I waited until 2 days before it expired to redeem, expecting to hate it, but I fell in love.

Question: How long have you been dancing?
Chantel: It will be 4 years in August

Question: What has kept you dancing?
Chantel: The way it makes me feel. They encouragement of everyone at the studio.

Question: What is your favorite part of teaching sensual dance?
Chantel: I have the power to help women believe in themselves. To realize that they are more than just a number on a tag or on the scale. That our bodies are capable of beautiful movement.

Question: What is your favorite element to dance on?
Chantel: My favorite element would have to be the floor, if I had to pick one. Closely followed by the chair.

Question: What is your favorite trick or spin?
Chantel: I LOVE Candycanes!  I also love the martini to carousel back to martini on the spinning pole and the descending angel that I just learned!

Question: What would you say to someone on the fence about trying out Express MiE?
Chantel: Just do it! You deserve it!

Question: What are your hobbies outside of dance?
Chantel: I love to shop!

Question: Do you have kids/pets?
Chantel: I have 2 little girls. Fiona who is 6 going on 16, and Lillian who turned 2 on Easter.

Question: What is your favorite quote/saying/or personal motto?
Chantel: To do nothing for fear of making a mistake, will be the greatest mistake you’ll ever make.
See why she’s so super?! This girl’s amazing! She teaches Levels 1-2, Teasers, Parties and Drop-In classes. Make sure you say hello and introduce yourself the next time you see her around the studio!