Student Spotlight on Abbey S.

Abbey Smith

With an easygoing smile and sense of humor, Abbey has completed Levels 1 – 7 in less than a year! It’s been an amazing journey to see how confident and comfortable she’s become with our style of easy-to-learn sensual dance. Read on to learn a bit more about Abbey and her Express MiE Journey.

Question: What brought you to Express MiE/Pole Dancing?
Abbey: I bought a Groupon for the teaser class and fell in love. I received a gift card for Christmas that covered Level 1 and have never looked back since!

Question: How long have you been dancing?
Abbey: I danced in high school and have taken dance classes occasionally since I graduated.

Question: What has kept you dancing?
Abbey: Passion, determination, and simply my love for dance.

Question: What is your favorite part of sensual dance?
Abbey: I think it’s beautiful and sexy all at the same time.

Question: What do you like best about Express MiE?
Abbey: The way we are taught to dance completely free style. You learn so many tricks and different moves and the instructors do a great job teaching you how to put it all together to meet your level of comfort.

Question: What is your favorite element to dance on?
Abbey: Floor!

Question: What is your favorite trick or spin?
Abbey: It changes as I learn new tricks but currently it’s a Candy Cane.

Question: What would you say to someone on the fence about trying out Express MiE?
Abbey: Try it. ANYONE can do it.

Question: What are your hobbies outside of dance?
Abbey: Hanging out with my family, yoga, and cooking

Question: What do you do?
 I’m a Financial Services Professional for a brokerage company and also work part time as a Commissions Analyst for a telecommunications company.

Question: Do you have kids/pets?
 I have two kids and three dogs

Question: What is your favorite quote/saying/or personal motto?
 Life isn’t about having what you want, it’s about wanting what you have.

If you see Abbey around the studio be sure to say hi and introduce yourself!