our team

Our awesome staff loves to have fun…

One of the best things about Express MiE is surely the staff. As “every-day women” themselves, they will welcome, embrace, encourage and inspire you right into the most fun you can possibly imagine staying active. Sisters unite!


Laura, AKA The Yoga Czar is the proud owner of Express MiE. An avid personal development advocate, she believes that yoga and dance are two great ways to connect with your true self. Laura is so thrilled to be creating a community women who are smart, sassy and supportive. Express MiE’s graceful Pole~ah~Tease classes, the fun exciting atmosphere of the studio and the loyal, dedicated staff, attract down to earth students from a variety of backgrounds. Laura is super passionate about helping women uncover and embrace their femininity – dance (and sometimes wine!) do just that. Laura strives to help students grow and become the best versions of themselves. She is the perfect blend of zen and zany. Don’t let that serene, peaceful voice fool you – this girl’s got spunk! And, seriously cute hiccups. Laura’s favorite hobbies? Aside from yoga and dance…are hiking, volunteering and puppies!


April, the teacher so amazing they named a month after her!  Most of our teachers are still waiting for that honor.  (OK, all of them).  Maybe it was her super sexy style (seriously, your life is not complete until you’ve seen her dance!) or perhaps it was her knack for making people smile… either way she’s known around these parts as simply fun & fabulous. You can catch April where she may actually be catching you – in our upper level Pole~ah~Tease classes.


Jasmine is a non-recovering dance-a-holic. And, a fun-a-holic. And, an awesome-a-holic. And, interestingly, also a science-a-holic. So, if she starts her Pole~ah~Tease class with “Hi – my name is Jasmine” you’ll know why. And, if you are lucky enough to be in that class you will have the time of your life. To put it short and sweet (kinda like she is): Brains + Beauty + Being amazing… that’s our Jasmine!


If you want a great workout that is also great entertainment, Tina is your gal. She may look all cute & innocent but join her in a workout class and you’ll get to experience her magical ability to keep you shaking your bon-bon while keeping you smiling.  Your muscles will thank her later.  Tina is also our Membership Coordinator so if you have any questions about all the fab fun we offer she is here to help. Word on the street says if you book a tour with Tina you get a free class! Told you you’d love her.



Chantel masquerades as a science girl by day but by evening she is a dancer extraordinaire.  Tho it is unconfirmed, we suspect there is a phone booth involved in that transformation.  And, we are still watching for a cape.  Her heart of gold, beautiful smile, and cheerful outlook make her a loving and encouraging Pole~ah~Tease teacher that every woman can feel comfortable around.  She is, truly, a Super Woman.  Let us know if you ever see the phone booth.