Velvet Pole


So you know some pole tricks, a few slides, and sassy floor work…now what?! Well girl, let’s take you from awesome to OMG! Velvet pole is a great opportunity to learn a couple new moves, plus really hone how you put it all together with transitions for a sexy little routine you can add into your free dance.

The first half of class consisted of a good stretch and a self guided moving meditation with a unique mudra. Overall, there is a lot of opportunity to do your own thing! Stretch what you need to and to get into your zone… Then the instructor taught two slides, a spin, AND a couple floor moves. *We even got to learn a bonus move not taught in levels 1-9!!* After everyone’s’ bodies were warmed up and moving,  we then collaborated and put all the movies together in sequence with transitions. In the final step we added music and… Voila! A seamless dance combo!image (7)

In general, I loved the way the class was structured. Of course, there are instructor led moves, but there is also plenty of moments to express yourself and freestyle! In my opinion, the best part of pole is open dance time to combine all those awesome tricks and spins we learn along the way. It is an AMAZING feeling to let loose and feel real sexy doing it!

Velvet Pole is open to current and previous Pole~ah~Tease students Level 3+.  It’s just 5 credits or $20 for 45 minutes of training to take your dancing to the next level! See you there!

Dance Chickie,