Come to Tricks Tips to get Tips on All Your Tricks!


The Pole courses at Express MiE are so fun and engaging, I tend to lose track of time; before I know it, class is over! I find myself thinking- if I just had a little more time to focus on that pole trick… Well good thing Express MiE thinks of that too! Check out the Drop In class – Tricks Tips. This class is 45-minutes of time guided by an instructor to get extra practice on the things YOU want.

Tricks Tips was an awesome class, full of refreshers. The instructor, Sarah, was willing to work on any trick or move that we students suggested- offering refining pointers to really get the hang of things. At the beginning of class, she asked everyone what they need to work on and took turns around the room showing us how to do the mentioned move, then let us practice on repeat until we got it! This week we worked on the Polarina Dizzy, the Mermaid, the Popsicle and even a couple of floor moves.image (6)

I can appreciate how Tricks Tips is split into sections for those in levels 1-4 and then levels 5 and above. It was nice being with similarly skilled ladies working on moves that most everyone was familiar with. Tanny, a level one graduate, said the class was a big help to her. She was having trouble really getting her Polarina Dizzy perfected. By the end of class, she felt far more confident in her movement.

I couldn’t agree more with Tanny! I found Tricks Tips to be the ideal way to take the time re-learning what I needed to focus on to be successful in my pole moves. I now feel a lot more confident in myself. They say practice makes perfect… And, I can definitely see myself attending this class regularly throughout all Pole levels to get that extra practice!

*This class has a max of 8 students- current and previous Pole~ah~Tease students welcome. Each class is only 3 credits or $15!*

Dance Chickie,