Express MiE Membership Plans

Have we gone crazy?  Maybe.  Are our new membership plans incredible?  Absolutely.  Check out the new fun then get yourself signed up.  We’ll even let you skip the enrollment fee if you hurry in, use promo code HAPPY2BEMIE and you’ll save $99.  Voila!

We can’t wait to tell you all about our new membership plans! Did we mention they save you up to 50% off our fabulous pole classes? Read on…


First things first! This is what we are all about at Express MiE:


This, all this:


The basics, in case you haven’t tried our style


Seriously good deals… prepare yourself…


Our new membership plans!

Pole courses as low as $87.50 (6 week session or 90min classes!) PLUS lots of new drop-in classes that start at 1 credit. Jump in NOW and skip the enrollment fee ($99 savings) with promo code HAPPY2BEMIE:


You’re gonna love this part:

Classic classes plus new ones, all available to current students and newbies alike. For years we’ve thought about offering a sensual dance class that isn’t so pole focused, check out Luscious! Now everyone can enjoy feeling sexy, pole or not.


Long time pole chickas, read this set carefully! SO. MUCH. COOL. FUN. These classes are open to ALL current students PLUS all level 7+ grads! No need for you grad girls to be concurrently enrolled in Pole~ah~Tease, try the drop-in classes on their own. There’s even open pole time – heck ya!


Did you know? Lots of bonus items for our Pole~ah~Tease students.


Want extra help or a private class series? We can do that, too. And, with credits as low as $1 it’s super affordable to do so.


…because why would the fun ever end around here? Those membership credits are handy for everything!


We’ll show you a couple sample ideas.


Which one do you relate to most? There are SO many ways you can use your credits. Drop-in classes start at just 1 credit.


Seriously, jump on it!

This is our preliminary offering under the new membership system and we plan to adjust things Jan 1st. But, anyone who gets a plan now can stick with it forever – no changes will affect you. Come try the fun! Purchase your membership online and use promo code: HAPPY2BEMIE for no enrollment fee ($99 savings – available for a limited time). : )


The new classes start trickling in during early August but kick into full swing with our new session 8/16. Class sizes are kept small, so get yours reserved now.

free pole dance class tempe

Got questions? Book a tour and we’ll answer them all, plus we’ll give you a free class.

See schedule online: