Stretch it out- In Feminine Flexibility!

Not everyone is the most… bendy. And, either way, we all could use a good stretch before starting a workout (especially if it’s pole dance)! 

Getting Warmed Up…

The 45-minute Feminine Flexibility Drop In class at Express MiE is the perfect way to warm up and stretch out your entire body. I had not been to a yoga class in a long time, or done any stretching for that matter… As I am just starting to get back into the swing of things before returning to Pole Class, I worried I would be in over my head

Flexible and Friendly!

However, I found that Feminine Flexibility is a perfect way to jump back into my routine! It’s a great class for all women, dancer or not, to get your body moving. The instructor, Jasmine, went slow and was very encouraging. She showcased stretches that worked out areas I didn’t even know I had! I could already feel my hips and back gaining flexibility that would help with my dance moves, pole tricks and splits. It was really cool to see women who have never been able to do their splits already gaining flexibility and getting closer to their goals! Overall, everyone were super friendly and welcoming. We even found ourselves laughing together throughout the class to distract us from the hurt-so-good stretching. 

Feminine FlexibilityFeminine Flexibility is nothing to be intimidated by. ;) Lots of fun and overall a great, deep stretch!

Stay tuned for my next review of another Drop In class at Express MiE Pole Dance Studio!

Dance Chickie