Fire & Ice: Pole Dance with Passion Workshop

pole dance workshop tempe azIt’s no secret we love pole dancing around here… but did you know our unique expertise lies in helping everyday women turn into gorgeous, passionate sensual dancers? The pole is just the beginning!

Most beginner to intermediate level dancers find themselves loving the constant challenge of the new spins and tricks on the pole, yet strangely intimidated by sensual dance, as a whole. Interestingly, most advanced and master level students find themselves completely in love with and lost in “the dance” – to the point that the pole tricks become almost secondary. This workshop accelerates that transition.

When a woman reaches the point that she can lose herself in sensual dance she gains a new sense of relaxation and confidence in life. No longer is she moving – or living – to impress others, but instead she fluidly moves to express her inherent beauty in a way that feels natural and luxurious to her as unique and feminine individual. True sensual dance is refreshing, relaxing, invigorating and rejuvenating. Plus, it’s downright sexy!

In this 90minute workshop we’ll take you through a series of dance exercises that will teach you to forget your stresses, immerse yourself in the music and get lost in your movement. All Pole~ah~Tease pole dance students who have graduated Level 1 are welcome to attend this workshop, varied assignments will be given to ensure the comfort of all students, regardless of level. Since this is a mixed level workshop it is a unique chance to get inspired by seeing dancers at various stages. Typical class attire. Workshop space is limited ~ get your spot today!

Refund Policy: Our classes are always in high demand and we do our best to get everyone into the one they want. Once you reserve your spot we will not let anyone else have it. In order to make everything work out we have a very specific refund/cancellation policy: Cancel >14 days before event = Full refund, 3-13 days before event = 50% refund, 0-2 days before event = 25% refund. No refunds once event has occurred.