Shape Your Curves in Sexy Core Workout

That feel good burn is just what you crave sometimes… And a good stretch, warm-up, and intensely beautiful workout is what you get in Sexy Core!

Sexy core was a great workout to tone my curves and help me feel gorgeous.  The atmosphere in the studio room was perfect- dim lights and soothing music to start. We began with a mudra and a deep stretch session. I really enjoyed the opportunity to relax and get in tune with my body.  The instructor guided us carefully through every step. I never felt out of focus.image (8)

After the stretch she changed the pace and sprung right into abs! The flow was just right; we certainly weren’t going slow, but everyone was able to keep up. The music and the instructor were encouraging, which made it easy to work through the pain. Each ab workout was in sync with a song, and the music kept me going. I definitely felt the burn, but it was AWESOME! After the ab exercises, the instructor led us into a cool down with snuggles and barrels (surprisingly still working our core even in a cool down!)

I can’t wait to do this Workout every week! The best part is…its open to everyone. No dance training requires AND its just 1 credit or 10 dollars. Check out Sexy Core for a fabulously fun spin on an ab class… that promises sexy curves and a strong core!

Dance Chickie,